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Children's Mental Health & Well-being

We all have mental health. Mental health is about our feelings, our thinking,  our emotions and our mood. Looking after our mental health is important because it keeps our mind and body healthy so that we can learn, enjoy activities and try new things.  If we don't take care of our mind, we can become worried, anxious or upset.  

The five ways to well-being can help you to stay well:

1. Connect

This can be with friends or family members.

 You can try:

 • making time for your friends or family members to build your relationships;

• asking someone how they are and making sure you listen to them.


2. Be active

This can be gentle exercise.

You can try:

• going for a walk with family;

• doing a yoga or workout session online.


3. Take notice

Be more aware of your surroundings.

You can try:

• looking at the sights while you go for a walk;

• noticing the changing seasons.


4. Keep learning

This doesn’t have to be in school or lessons.

You can try:

• a new hobby, such as cooking;

• reading about something that interests you.


5. Give

This doesn’t have to be money.

You can try:

• cleaning, tidying, helping siblings or cooking.

Why not try completing this 'My Well-being Challenge Booklet'?

My well-being challenge booklet

Everyone has good days and tough days; this is completely normal.  If you are feeling down, anxious or worried, there is a lot that you can do to help yourself.  The very best thing to do is to talk to an adult that you trust at home or at school.  You might also like to write or draw your feelings, use a worry box or worry monster to help you get out your worries.  Doing an activity that you enjoy such as music, art or reading and getting outside in the fresh air can all help your mood too.

If you can’t talk to an adult that you trust, you might want to use the instant messaging service at Speak Up Space to message an adult who can help. 

Speak Up Space - North Staffs Mind (

There are lots of other resources to help you to help yourself on this page too. 

You can get help by calling Childline.  You can find out more here: