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At St Joseph's, we believe that Music is a subject which transcends all learning barriers and is accessible to all, regardless of race, gender, religion or ability.  Our aim is to inspire children through a broad range of practical experiences to engage in and enjoy music.  Children will experience a variety of music from different times and places and reflect on their listening with a different focus each time. They will learn about significant composers throughout history.  They will develop subject specific vocabulary and use this when describing music.  They will perform as a solo player or part of a class in lesson time to their peers and other classes within the school, and to a wider audience at other events such as the Christmas concerts.  They will develop their creativity by composing their own music and develop different methods to record their compositions. 

We intend to deliver the National Curriculum in an engaging and exciting way which allows children to express themselves creatively through their developing musical skills.  The Music curriculum offers a coherently planned sequence of lessons to ensure progressive coverage of the knowledge, understanding and skills required in the National CurriculumWhole class tuition on tuned instruments is part of the KS2 curriculum.  Liaison with external organisations leads to children attending and performing in concerts with professional musicians at different venues. 

Children are offered further opportunity for performance through Choir and Recorder Ensemble.  These clubs rehearse weekly before school and during lunchtimes, and regularly perform in events outside of school, including concerts with other members of the Collegiate.  Children are also able to learn instruments through peripatetic tuition provided to the school through City Music Service.

Children are enthused and prepared to be confident musicians at high school and ultimately develop a love, passion and commitment towards becoming professional musicians.