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Section 48 Inspection

Our latest Section 48 Inspection took place in September 2021.  This diocesan inspects evaluated the quality of Catholic Life, Religious Education and Collective Worship and judged all areas to be at least Good.  The inspectors noted that

“The behaviour of pupils is outstanding. Because of deeply embedded routines and high expectations, there is an overwhelming sense of community, which results in confident and happy children. Children at St Joseph’s love their school.”

The Section 48 Inspection identified the following strengths:

  • The headteacher has a clear vision for the Catholic Life of the school, which is shared effectively with all stakeholders. Consequently, everyone is enabled to contribute to the school’s radiant ethos.
  • Attainment in Religious Education is at least good for all pupils and shows continuing signs of improvement.
  • High expectations and routines surrounding prayer and liturgy have embedded a deep level of reverence and respect amongst pupils.
  • Governors and directors have an excellent knowledge of the school, its strengths, and areas for development. They work effectively with the headteacher to plan improvements.

And the following areas for development:

▪ Increase the capacity for pupil leadership for Catholic Life and Collective Worship and afford them more opportunities to lead in these areas.

▪ Ensure that all monitoring activities are evaluated in a way that informs current and future improvement plans.

▪ Train, support and monitor the effectiveness of the new RE leadership team, so that it is enabled to make a significant contribution to school improvement.